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Compare Energy Suppliers Like Together Energy When Moving House

Compare Energy Suppliers Like Together Energy When Moving House

Compare Energy Suppliers Like Together Energy When Moving House!

Understand How to Compare Energy Suppliers Like Together Energy When Moving House!

Your choice of energy supplier can have lasting implications for your energy bills, as well as your household’s carbon footprint. While this is an important consideration all year round, it’s especially important when you’re moving into a new home. While we strive to provide affordable moving solutions, we appreciate that moving to a new home is, by definition, an expensive time. Here we’ll look at why it’s so important to switch energy suppliers when moving and how to compare lesser-known suppliers like Together Energy.

Why is it important to switch energy suppliers when moving home?

As soon as you move into your new home, you’re automatically placed on a contract with whichever supplier the previous occupant used. This is known as a “deemed contract” and usually relegates you to a standard variable tariff. These are usually the most expensive tariffs that a supplier offers. The sooner you switch, the more you could save on energy in your new home. 

Why choose Together Energy?

69% of UK households rely on large energy suppliers to power their homes. But as the team at Switch-Plan will tell you, there are many other options. Take Together Energy for instance. One of the UK’s fastest-growing energy suppliers they have some of the cheapest 2 and 3 year energy tariffs on the market. So you can keep your energy costs locked in for a longer period of time. Not only are they committed to affordable energy, they’re also committed to doing social good. 90% of its Scottish workforce is sourced from within the country’s poorest postcodes, and 65% have been recruited from charities focused on supporting 16 to 25 year olds who are out of work and education.

What should you look for when choosing a new energy supplier

There are dozens of energy suppliers of all shapes and sizes to choose from. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a new one. 

Low rates

Of course, you need an energy supplier that will charge you a reasonable rate. You should look not only at unit rates for gas and electricity but the supplier’s daily standing charges. There are some tariffs with no standing charges, but these inevitably have much higher unit rates.

Choice of energy tariffs and contracts

Ideally, a supplier should have a good range of tariffs and contracts so you can get the right deal for your needs and usage, without tying yourself down to a longer contract than you want. You should also look at whether or not suppliers charge early exit fees if you want to leave your fixed-rate plan.

Green energy

Energy watchdog Ofgem makes energy suppliers provide special certificates to ensure that at least some of their energy comes from renewable sources like solar, hydro and wind energy. Many providers also offer 100% renewable energy tariffs.

Other extras

Finally, some suppliers add extras from high street vouchers to smart tech that will help you make your home more energy-efficient. They can also install smart meters to help you better track your usage and spending. 

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