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Top Tips For Preparing Furniture And Packing Goods For Self Storage

Top Tips For Preparing Furniture And Packing Goods For Self Storage

Self storage is mostly used for long-term storage of items like furniture. Goods stored in a storage unit stay in the unit for more than a month. And since self storage is used for long-term storage, it is good to ensure the safety and security of goods stored in the unit.

Top Tips for Preparing Your Items for Self-Storage

Here are some top tips from on how to pack up items and prepare furniture to ensure the safety and security of items stored in a self storage unit:




1. Protect Your Furniture While in Store

It is important to ensure that every furniture item you want to store is clean and dry before storing it. Disassemble those items that can be disassembled to create more storage space and protect the different parts of the items from wear and tear.

Keep in mind that wear and wear can occur when items stand for a long period of time. Wrap the items you want to store in plastic sheets and tape it up to seal them. Wrap glass items in bubble wraps while paying attention to the edges and corners that can get chipped and crack easily.


2. Packing Loose Items

If you are going to pack loose items into boxes, avoid packing items too tightly or too loosely in the box and wrap each item in protective paper or bubble wrap, especially when dealing with fragile items. Just like furniture, the items to be stored should be clean and dry before wrapping and packing them into boxes. Place a little packet of desiccant silica gel in all the boxes or a dehumidifier. Mark all the boxes and inventory what is inside the boxes.


3. Packing the Storage Unit

It is important to not stack your boxes too high and make sure that the heavier boxes are at the bottom while the lighter, fragile items are at the top. Avoid stacking furniture items on top of one another without protection if possible. This is because this can cause scratches, dents or formation of permanent indentations as time goes by. Blankets or paper blankets or export wrapping can eliminate this problem.

You can also use boards or packing material between stacked items to protect them from damage. It is also a good idea to stack furniture and boxes on flat/unmade boxes and other materials to prevent them from being in direct contact with the floor. Check your storage unit from time to time to make sure that your items are in good condition and nothing has fallen.


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We Support Prospect Hospice

Supporting Prospect Hospice

ProspectlogoProspect Hospice brings care, comfort and confidence to thousands of patients and their families in the community of Swindon, Marlborough and north Wiltshire.

Prospect offers support to people and their families and carers when someone has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, and has an unparalleled history of care for local people in the area it serves.

Last year Prospect Hospice cared for and supported more than 5,500 patients and family members at the hospice in Wroughton, in patients’ own homes and through a palliative care team based at Great Western Hospital in Swindon. All of this care is provided without charge.

New Outpatient Centre

In the summer of 2015 Prospect Hospice will open a new outpatient centre at Savernake Hospital in Marlborough, following a very successful community  fundraising campaign. The new centre will provide a range of services and therapies from rooms which have been made available to Prospect Hospice thanks to the Great Western Hospital Foundation Trust.

As a registered charity, Prospect Hospice needs to raise close to £6m to provide the care and raise the funds to provide care and services to patients and their families who depend on them. Less than 30 per cent of this funding is from statutory organisations such as the NHS –  the rest is raised through support and donations for the hospice’s 17 charity shops, a weekly lottery, fundraising events and many more activities.

Prospect Hospice is the only dedicated end-of-life care service for the 300,000 people living in its community, who they have been proud to serve for 35 years.

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We Support the Local RSPCA

Luckes Support RSPCA

709px-Rspcalogo.svgWe are pleased to be working with and supporting the local branch of the RSPCA. They are a local charity (the RSPCA is divided into over 160 branches which are responsible for their own fund raising ) who have plans to build a much needed re-homing centre in the area. The animal centre will help rescued cats and dogs get the best possible second chance in life and also provide affordable veterinary care to those who most need it. This endeavour is an ideal way for us to fulfil our ethical corporate responsibility and make a worthwhile contribution to local good causes.

It’s an ambitious target and much of the money raised will come from donations sold in one of its stores across its area. Donations play a major part in the success of their charity shops. The better the donations they receive the better the items they sell and the more customers they get as a result.

It’s Easy To Help

It’s very easy to help, as you pack your belongings ready for removal day simply pop any unwanted items into one of the RSPCA collection bags. We will collect them on removal day and pass them on to the charity.

Quote from RSPCA North Wilts.

We are delighted that you are helping us by collecting donations for our stores. Every item we receive is another brick closer to achieving our dream of a local animal welfare centre. The area desperately need a place to rescue and re-home animals and the contributions and kindness from your customers makes a huge difference….THANK YOU.

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We Are Members of AIM

Luckes Removals Join AIM

The UK removals industry is largely unregulated, but customers can still get a high level of protection from rogue traders if they choose a mover that is a member of certain organisations. The Association of Independent Movers, (AIM) is one such organisation.

To be a member of AIM, we must work to a Code of Practice and agree to be inspected every year. We know we have always provided a high quality service and now, by meeting the standards set by AIM and displaying our reviews on our own website and on the AIM website, our customers can see this for themselves. This gives customers of A Luckes & Son the peace of mind that they deserve.

Furniture Ombusdmen

We are now also part of The Furniture Ombusdmen Scheme provided by AIM giving out clients an independent arbitration service should things go wrong.

You can view our Profile on the AIM website by clicking this link.

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