Virus Fogging Service

Virucide/Disinfectant Fogging Service Swindon

Following the Coronavirus – COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic in 2020 in Wiltshire, many offices, schools, retail outlets and hospitality premises are taking extra precautions to reduce the risk of infection from their working environments. With the goal of protecting their staff, customers and other visitors, they have their premises thoroughly disinfected using specialist equipment and virucides.

A Luckes & Son know how important this service is for moving premises, so we now offer a full fogging service for all our customers. No room or hall is left uncleaned when our specialists go to work. We use a fogging application to get rid of any infectious diseases that may be in the area.



Our work is done effectively and efficiently through our well trained staff, who always follow the proper protocols and use top of the line equipment. Areas that can’t be easily reached are difficult to clean, and floors, ceilings, and walls are large areas in facilities that can take time to clean. Our fogging applications can disinfect these areas easily.

Disinfectants and virucides that are stronger than the average items found in stores are used to hand clean sinks, surfaces, door handles, and other areas that are usually touched on a daily basis.

Virus Fogging Service Prices

The furnishings of the property, its accessibility, its square meterage, and other factors will be used to determine the price of our services. Weekly contracts are available for our services, as are weekend and evening arrangements. Call 01793 431 431 or fill out the form below