We Support the Local RSPCA

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Luckes Support RSPCA

We are pleased to be working with and supporting the local branch of the RSPCA. They are a local charity (the RSPCA is divided into over 160 branches which are responsible for their own fundraising) who have plans to build a much-needed re-homing centre in the area. The animal centre will help rescued cats and dogs get the best possible second chance in life and also provide affordable veterinary care to those who most need it. This endeavour is an ideal way for us to fulfil our ethical corporate responsibility and make a worthwhile contribution to local good causes.

It’s an ambitious target and much of the money raised will come from donations sold in one of its stores across its area. Donations play a major part in the success of their charity shops. The better the donations they receive the better the items they sell and the more customers they get as a result.

It’s Easy To Help

It’s very easy to help, as you pack your belongings ready for removal day simply pop any unwanted items into one of the RSPCA collection bags. We will collect them on removal day and pass them on to the charity.

Quote from RSPCA North Wilts.

We are delighted that you are helping us by collecting donations for our stores. Every item we receive is another brick closer to achieving our dream of a local animal welfare centre. The area desperately needs a place to rescue and re-home animals and the contributions and kindness from your customers makes a huge difference…THANK YOU.