Considering A Move To Swindon – Keep This In Mind

The fast moving Coronavirus has caused many people, especially property owners to reevaluate where they are currently calling home – and nowhere has that been more true than in the United Kingdom. people are today in search of that magical balance between an exceptional quality of life and value for money – and for this reason, many people are choosing to move away from the traditionally established large metropolitan areas.


There are several reasons for this – the aforesaid quest for a great quality of life, but also value for money. So that choice of where to move, but still stay in the U.K. can be a challenging one. Looking for a company to help you move to Swindon? contact A Luckes & Son Removals @

Given those challenges, more and more people are choosing to move to Swindon and its surrounds. But why – and where are the towns that would appeal to people who want that great quality of life?

First of all, there is the fact that Swindon has been recognised as one of the best places to live in the British Isles. It was named as the 45th best choice when it came to the quality of life in the Halifax Quality of Life survey. Now that may seem low on the chart, but it is relatively high when one keeps in mind that the survey covered hundreds of places to live in the UK.

So if one chooses Swindon and its surrounds what are the best places to live?

Firstly it is worth noting that Swindon ranked the seventh-best place to live in the UK according to the Pricewaterhousecoopers survey which was taken in 2018 – and the town has only become more attractive since then because of the increasing cost of living elsewhere in the U.K.

Which towns? It’s extremely difficult to identify which town in the Swindon area would suit and individual or family – there are so many factors in the equation. However, most are within an hours commute from central London – and some are extremely attractive to those who want access to city life, without the stress that can accompany urban living. For instance, Ashton Keynes which still has views (although they are distant) of the Thames is attractive and Baulking in Berkshire are both places where the rural life are both treasured, the ideal of being removed from the hustle and bustle of city life is one that is becoming increasingly difficult to attain.

However for those who are determined to escape London and its increasingly high prices when it comes to investing in property the ideal of Swindon becomes one that is attractive, to say the least.

For those who want to explore what village life was – and could possibly continue to the attractions of places such as Castle Eaton cannot be ignored. Only about 8 miles from Swindon itself this is the place that those who want to escape the pressures of the big city but still want to have access to its amenities will find there place in the green hills.

Swindon has numerous towns and outlying areas which will suit the needs of those who want access to London – but who want to save on their property investment and want to enjoy a lifestyle that seems increasingly difficult to attain. It is an area that is well worth exploring for both property investors and renters alike.

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