Moving House with Pets: Tips and Advice from A Luckes and Son


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Moving House with Pets Tips and Advice from A Luckes and Son

Moving house can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, moving house with pets A Luckes and Son, with their extensive experience in removals and storage since 1996, offer expert services that can make moving house smoother for your pets.

Special Considerations for Moving House with Dogs:

  • Familiarise Before the Move: If possible, take your dog to the new neighbourhood for walks before the move. This familiarisation can ease their anxiety.
  • Exercise on Moving Day: A good walk can help your dog stay calm. Plan for a long walk or play session on the day of the move.
  • Safety in the New Home: Check the new environment for safety, ensuring there are no gaps in fences where your dog could escape.

Special Considerations for Moving House with Cats:

  • Secure Carrying: Use a secure, comfortable carrier for transportation. Cats can become nervous and may try to escape in unfamiliar environments.
  • Isolate in a Single Room: Initially, keep your cat in one room with all their essentials. This can prevent them from feeling overwhelmed by the new space.
  • Gradual Introduction: Slowly introduce your cat to other areas of the house, monitoring their comfort levels.

Preparing for the Move

  • Keep Their Schedule: Maintain your pet’s routine as much as possible. A Luckes and Son can help with early packing, ensuring minimal disruption to your pet’s environment.
  • Start Packing Early: Gradual changes are less likely to upset your pet. A Luckes and Son’s team can assist in this process, packing non-essential items early and keeping pet belongings in place until the last minute.
  • Consult Your Vet: For pets prone to anxiety, a vet consultation is recommended. A Luckes and Son’s experience ensures a smooth transition, even when special care is required.

On Moving Day

  • Arrange a Safe Space: Keep your pets in a quiet room or consider temporary boarding. A Luckes and Son, with their careful handling, can manage the day’s commotion while keeping pet safety a priority.
  • Pack Their Items Last and Unpack Them First: A Luckes and Son’s team ensures your pet’s items are given priority, helping them settle in the new environment more quickly.

Settling In

  • Be Patient and Compassionate: Understand it may take time for your pet to adjust.
  • Encourage Exploration: A Luckes and Son can help set up a comfortable space for your pet right upon arrival, using their familiar items.
  • Set up a Comfortable Space: Establish a designated area for your pet with their belongings, something A Luckes and Son can assist with as part of their moving services.

With A Luckes and Son offer a professional, friendly, and expert moving services, moving house with pets can be a smooth transition, ensuring both you and your pet are well-cared for during this significant change.