Moving To Wiltshire


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Wiltshire is a county that would be more described as rural than anything else. It’s got gorgeous villages and inviting market towns that make it a joy to live in. It’s even got Salisbury, the well-known medieval city.

Because of this, Wiltshire could be said to encapsulate what England is all about. You have green countryside and warm and inviting villages with beautiful houses and busy markets that make it a pleasure to visit and live in.

You will find plenty of unique attractions there too. This includes the prehistoric Stonehenge monument and various white chalk horses.



What It’s Like Living In Wiltshire

As mentioned, you have a county that is pretty much rural. You’ll find the entire landscape dominated by hills. There are 3 distinct areas of beauty that cover the area. One being The Cotswolds, the other being Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs. Then there is the North Wessex Downs.

You can locate all kinds of box villages along the way when you visit the countryside too. This includes Monkton Farleigh, Avebury, Biddestone, and even Castle Combe.

There are plenty of unique market towns too. This includes market towns like Malmesbury, Corsham, Trowbridge, Chippenham, and even Marlborough. Whereas, you will find a range of more urban cities too. It’s got both sides of the coin. Some of the larger and more urban cities include Swindon and Salisbury.

Some Towns Located In Wiltshire

– Swindon

As mentioned, this is one of the more urban areas. In Swindon, you can find a range of different kinds of houses. You’ll find houses worth millions and newly built yet affordable homes too.

– Malmesbury

In Malmesbury, you will find a lot of charm. It’s got plenty of charming homes that date back to the 1930s. The town centre has shops and cottages that make it a joy to walk through. There are incredible views from the outer parts too with vast areas of land.

– Corsham

In Corsham, you will find Grade II mansions and large country estates. You will also find brand new homes being built towards the southwest of it.

– Chippenham

This is a place where you will find a lot of period homes and modern-designed homes too. It’s a historic market town which makes it offer a little bit of everything.

Rural Areas Throughout Wiltshire

If you are looking to move into a place that is a historic property, you will typically find Wiltshire to be a good fit. You can find quaint and historic properties all over.

You can find plenty of excellent options in Chalke Valley and Nadder Valley. Whether you want smaller cottages or manor homes to choose from, it’s got plenty.

However, that’s not all you’re stuck with. You can choose Victorian terraced homes too. Also, modern flats and newly built homes. There’s plenty it has to offer.

How To Get Around ?

– Train

This is perhaps the most common way to get around. The trains go from London to the various major hubs across the area. You’ll have no trouble getting to Exeter, Bristol, Reading, Portsmouth and other areas in the South West.

– Vehicle

You can also choose to move around via a vehicle or car. You will find the M4 is the only motorway where you can travel with a vehicle. However, it does have other “A” roads that can be used.

– Air

You will find that Heathrow is only 1 hour away. Also, you can get to Gatwick in a little over an hour towards the south.

There are also other smaller airports like Dorset, Bristol, Southampton and Bournemouth.


There are plenty of independently owned and run shops in the area. You can find many shops offering fresh meat, unique crafts, and more. One of the best shops that you must check out was highlighted in The Telegraph’s top 50 farm shops. This shop is known as Allington Farm Shop.

You will find plenty of farmer’s markets in the area.

What’s Hidden

There is a new living history museum opening up that’s over 200 years old. It’s the old Sevington Victorian School. It will allow guests to see what school was like a staggering 200 years ago.

Some Reasons To Live In Wiltshire


  • You have plenty of beautiful period properties to choose from.
  • There are bustling towns nearby.
  • It offers an incredible landscape.
  • There are plenty of historical attractions nearby.

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