Top Tips For Preparing Furniture And Packing Goods For Self Storage

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Self-storage is mostly used for long-term storage of items like furniture. Since self-storage is used for long-term storage, it is good to ensure that the items are safely and securely placed in the unit.

Top Tips for Preparing Your Items for Self-Storage

Here are some top tips on how to pack up items and prepare furniture to ensure the safety and security of items stored in a self-storage unit:


1. Protect Your Furniture While in Store

It is important to ensure that every furniture item you want to store is clean and dry before storing it. Disassemble those items that can be disassembled to create more storage space and protect the different parts of the items from wear and tear.

Keep in mind that wear and tear can occur when items stand for a long period of time. Wrap the items you want to store in plastic sheets and tape them up to seal them. Wrap glass items in bubble wrap while paying attention to the edges and corners that can get chipped and crack easily.

2. Packing Loose Items

If you are going to pack loose items into boxes, avoid packing items too tightly or too loosely in the box and wrap each item in a protective paper or bubble wrap, especially when dealing with fragile items. Just like furniture, the items to be stored should be clean and dry before wrapping and packing them into boxes. Place a little packet of desiccant silica gel in all the boxes or a dehumidifier. Mark all the boxes and inventory what is inside the boxes.

3. Packing the Storage Unit

It is important to not stack your boxes too high and make sure that the heavier boxes are at the bottom while the lighter, fragile items are at the top. Avoid stacking furniture items on top of one another without protection if possible. This is because this can cause scratches, dents or the formation of permanent indentations as time goes by. Blankets or paper blankets or export wrapping can eliminate this problem.

You can also use boards or packing material between stacked items to protect them from damage. It is also a good idea to stack furniture and boxes on flat/unmade boxes and other materials to prevent them from being in direct contact with the floor. Check your storage unit from time to time to make sure that your items are in good condition and nothing has fallen.